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Welcome to Harlie-Rose Pantry!  We are a young family of five living in one of the Northern Villages of the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, Australia. 

Why did we create Harlie-Rose Pantry?  We named our property Harlie-Rose after our three beautiful children Harrison, Rosie and Charlie.  We have a number of furry and feathered family members that include our Labrador Retriever, Louis, a mixed breed of goats, a mixed flock of chickens and Indian Runner ducks.  In addition to growing as many native plants as we can to provide natural habitat, shelter and food for our native wildlife, we enjoy growing our own fruit and vegetables.  One of the main reasons we love having chickens and ducks is that they can be fed a range of fruit and vegetable scraps that would usually go into landfill and they provide us with a supply of fresh eggs.  Over the past year, we have enjoyed sharing stories of the antics of our farm animals together with our passion for growing, cooking and eating food with our family and friends through our Life at Harlie-Rose facebook page.  We are especially passionate about supporting local Southern Highlands and Australian businesses, so together with some of our own homemade products (which are coming soon), we hope to showcase some of our favourite local and Australian products through the Harlie-Rose Pantry online store.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Alana, Jamie, Harrison, Rosie and Charlie x