Why do we love Brazen Spices? 


Michelle is the creator of Brazen Sprices, based in Hill Top in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  Brazen Spices are cheeky and pack a punch, but they’re blended with a mix of heart and conscience that you simply cannot buy from the supermarket shelves. Michelle has created an exquisite range of flavours that she has refined from decades of cooking for friends and family, as well as clients in restaurants from one side of Australia to the other.


Flavour, zest and brazen passion are always on the menu. Brazen uses spices sourced both locally and internationally, but Michelle is careful to place an emphasis on organically grown produce and fair trade farmers. In the end, the food we put in our mouths connects us to the earth and to each other, and for Michelle, that connection is paramount. Brazen blends its spices the old-fashioned way – no GMOs, no chemical preservatives. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Michelle’s recipes are delicious and unique – and brazen, of course. Use any of them as a flavour base to turn an ordinary mid-week meal into something sensational.