Why do we love Sprinkle & Bake? 

Edwina is a third-generation baker and her passion for cooking commenced at an early age.

"Growing up on a property in rural NSW, baked goods were always in the oven and my love for baking quickly developed. My Grandmother had a sweet tooth, so she was always sharing her favourite recipes with me."

Sprinkle & Bake commenced as predominately cakes, but moving to Inverell NSW, Edwina started to look at some broader opportunities, which would provide product longevity for her business. After 12 months of research, and a third baby, the personalised biscuit was launched.  The biscuit is made from locally sourced ingredients and has been rigorously tested for product life, stability and quality assurance.

Edwina believes that sharing a biscuit between friends is giving ourselves time to stop and enjoy the simple things in life over a cup of tea. The biscuit represents so much more than just the taste.